Tips to Choose Unique Plate Ware

Presentation plays a key role in attracting the attention of customers. You may cook very delicious foods but what’s the use for it when people move away because the presentation wasn’t that well. No one will be able to get the taste from a distance. So the only criteria on superficial level, in which a person will chose, to whether to try the dish or not, is by looking or at the presentation. The foods may look attractive but what if, the plates are not up to the mark?

Here’s why you need suitable plate ware for your restaurant. It creates an ambience that matches your style. While choosing one, make sure that you pay attention to the theme of the plate ware. If you bring wrong type of theme to the customers, then it may create a weird combination and this is one of the circumstances that you’ll try to avoid as much as possible.
The colors add variety to the beautification of the foods. While a particular type of dinnerware or. Plate ware could enhance the beauty of the food and make it much more appealing, another type of mismatch dinnerware could diminish the appeal altogether. That’s why put much importance and attention while choosing a plate ware. If you are unsure, take opinions from others to see what others are thinking and what they will prefer. It is preference of the people that should be the driving force here.

But you shouldn’t just go out there and buy the most expensive set you can. Because it may happen that, the expensive one may not add any factor to the presentation yet another cheap one may add value, because you also have to consider the factor of durability. If the plates are costly yet brittle, then you can call it a pass because, in a restaurant, there will be times when casualties will occur and you won’t want to buy those expansive dishes again and again. Though it may look good outside, but the price tag may make them not value for money in the end. On the other hand, if you’ll go for a cheap product, more often than not, you have to compromise on different levels. That’s why you need to make a balance. A balance between price along with durability. Chose one dinnerware that’s durable yet, doesn’t affect the ambience on your restaurant in a negative way. If you were to go with sushi plates for example, these would make interesting sushi plates for your restaurant.

While choosing, also take a look on the intended use for it. For example, some dishes are served hot. In that case, you need a dinnerware that can withstand the hot coming from the dishes for a long time. Otherwise, they may just crack not to mention leaving behind some spots on the process.

But ambience perhaps carries the most important aspect of a plate ware. You can add trendy value to the restaurant by using different sets of plate ware. It is often pleasing on aesthetic value, and though, it may seem irrelevant, yet it has high significance while eating experience. Food coming on a trendy plate could make a customer satisfy which may enhance their experience from eating the foods. Though, the dishes are not directly related, yet it can add values to the overall experience.

Hence one shouldn’t underestimate the value of dinnerware that it brings along with it. Not to mention, the customization could add authentic value to the restaurant and can give an assurance of a brand value. In simple terms, it can help to make a brand where people, while seeing the logo or specific colors, can get accustomed with it…. It has a psychological aspect and it often brings more and more customers to the restaurant.

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Yoga Press Release

The Ultimate Yoga Guru, Paula Smith Launches a New App to Defatten Australia

Melbourne, MEL – 15 April 2017

Australian Ultimate Yoga Guru, Paula Smith, who shot to fame with her successful DVD, “Curve Kibootz”, is launching a new fitness app called “Yoga For the Soul”. The app is modeled around a specific sequence of Yoga exercises based on set breathing patterns. The app keeps tracks of daily activity, weight loss, muscle building and toning. Based on how long a posture is held for, the app calculates the user’s progress and change in muscle tone.

Paula Smith is the owner of the YouTube channel “Yoga With Paula Smith”, that has over 2,000 videos ranging from meditation, light yoga, power yoga, to hot yoga. She has over three million followers on youtube and over four million followers on Instagram and Twitter. Ousting Dean Jack as the national fitness Guru, Paula has won over the Australian hearts to emerge as the fitness expert Down Under.

“I want people to become the best versions of themselves, both physically and mentally. Mental health is as important, if not more, as physical health. Meditation protects our mind and body from the ill effects of the stress and strain we encounter in our daily lives. Followed by Yoga, our body is stretched and exerted in all the right ways, to achieve a state of healthy existence. Yoga is an ancient art of exercise, and hence supremely accurate and perfect in its ways. It does not pose any threat of deformation or injury that other newer forms of exercise may pose.”

Paula first started her fitness channel when she herself decided to get fit. “I had a troubled childhood, hence mental and ill health consequently followed me into young adulthood. I was obese, and on anti-depressants when I met Yogi Shri Ram Das.” Tired of her unhealthy lifestyle, Paula traveled to India at the age of 22. She spent two years in an Ashram in Haridwar where she cleansed her mind and body by practicing the ancient Indian art of Yoga and meditation. “I took away a lot of the program. It is now my soul aim to help others take away good health from it as well.”

About Paula Smith

Born in Melbourne, Australian, Paula is a world renowned fitness expert. In addition to extensive social media following, she has also written books on Yoga, Meditation, and mental health. Paula writes a blog on her daily fitness activities and holds live discussions with her followers on Facebook and Instagram. She has a fitness studio in Melbourne where you can go to get training from the Guru herself.