Behind the Scenes at the Furry Convention


The growing popularity of the furry fandom has resulted to an increase of their followers. Every year, new fans are introduced to the fandom which helps further expand their reach. The upsurge of furries has made it necessary to provide them with their very own convention. This in turn makes it possible for fans to be accommodated without the need to share space to other con attendees of different nature. Furry convention’s popularity is apparent especially since these are now being held on a yearly basis. Let us look at some behind the scenes at a furry convention.

Furry conventions follow the same setting with other cons you find today. For that matter, you can expect them to have a panel dedicated to popular celebrities and guests who are furry fans as well. A Q&A is often held during this moment giving attendees the opportunity to ask them a number of questions. Refreshments and lounge area is available for guests to relax and unwind during the busy day, although you will find more food selections by going outside the convention area.

You also find a booth dedicated to furry illustrations and other forms of art. There is a good chance that you will meet famous artists that draw furry art in the booth. Other aspiring artists will also be able to show off their creations to guests with their respective booth. Most if not all of the items are for sale so if you find a furry art that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask the artist if it is for sale. Some may even share with you opinions regarding variations of tail plugs.


Another cool thing you can do when attending furry conventions is to ask artists to do some sketches for you. A number of artists offer commissions for their work and having these signed can make their work look more memorable.

At the end of the day usually the last day of the con, there will be party and everyone is welcome to attend. Furry fans with their fursuits are oftentimes present during these parties dancing the night away.

We’ve mentioned some of the many attractions you will find in furry conventions. These conventions are jam packed with guests making it important to book your reservations weeks before their date to avoid the hassle. Most conventions happen in selected areas so you may want to save a fair amount of money for your flights.