What Are Squishies Made Out Of?

Squishies are endeared many because of their cute looks. The plethora of designs that are available also makes them a joy to collect, some available at WSH collection. This is the reason why kids and adults enjoy buying new sets of squishies whenever they see one. Since kids are one of its target audiences, parents find it important to know more about squishies just to be safe. Popular questions include their material and design it is using. Let us look at what squishies are made out of to help give you a better understanding on how these toys work.

One of the primary components of Squishies is the material known as polyurethane. Polyurethane is known as an extremely durable material that also possesses flexible properties. This is a material of choice for broad range of applications including mattresses, cushioning for furniture, coatings, adhesives, rollers and tyres, shoe soles, sportswear, car parts and many more. Polyurethane is lauded because of its versatility giving people plenty of things to work around with. The material is present in our day to day lives without us even knowing it. You can find them at home, in our offices and cars, for sport and leisure activities and the likes.

Polyurethane is indeed a great material because of its intrinsic properties. The ability to get squeezed and return to its normal shape makes them perfect to be used for squishies. This however, does not mean that squishies are considered to be perfectly. As mentioned earlier, children are drawn to these types of toys because of the way they are presented. Some squishies has their designs inspired by every food. This includes unique squishy designs such as cakes, donuts, burgers, sodas, fries, fruits and the likes. Because of this, kids may find it irresistible and try to eat them. It is important to note that doing so, endangers your child’s safety. Squishies can be considered as a choking hazard especially when ingested. For that matter, parents should inform their children that squishies are not food and should not be put into their mouths.

Adult supervision plays a very important role when you plan to buy toys for your child. The same can also be said with regards to squishies. Although their material is safe, it is best that you guide your children on how to deal with these toys in a correct manner. This includes how to store them properly for them to use in the future.

Etiquette When Using a Photo Booth


Photo booths are able to draw the attention of a huge number of individuals whenever they are present in parties and other related events. People of all ages both young and old alike enjoy the time they spend with these booths. This is the reason why you can expect plenty users who want to try them out at any given opportunity. Etiquette however will definitely go a long way in helping make your photo booth experience enjoyable not only to you and your friends but to all. Let us look at some of the proper etiquette you want to practice when using photo booths.

Photo booths provide their service in a first come first serve basis. This means that those who are early will be able to take their pictures right away. You will find long lines with photo booths in Melbourne, Australia with many users anticipating their turn. Proper etiquette revolves around falling in line properly avoiding cutting in order to make your wait times faster. Such practice is considered to be rude. Patience is a virtue when using a photo booth so it is best that you wait in line with your friends for your turn.


As mentioned earlier, people love using photo booths and as such you can expect plenty of users around them. To avoid overcrowding the booth, make sure that your fall in line properly. The time you spend in the photo booth should also be taken into consideration. Since there are many users waiting in line for their turn to come, it is best that you mentally prepare the poses that you want to do with your friends. This in turn helps save you a fair amount of time during your photo shoot as you already know what poses to do.

Because of their allure, guests who have already taken their pictures in photo booths there is a huge likelihood that they might come back for more. With that being said, in order to accommodate each guest, people are advised to only spend one session in photo booths giving others the chance to use them. However, if the photo booth is empty then going back for another round is acceptable.

Proper etiquette goes a long way in making your photo booth experience fun for everyone. Consider the tips mentioned in this article to help you avoid running into problems when using photo booths. Still have questions? Find out more here!

Behind the Scenes at the Furry Convention


The growing popularity of the furry fandom has resulted to an increase of their followers. Every year, new fans are introduced to the fandom which helps further expand their reach. The upsurge of furries has made it necessary to provide them with their very own convention. This in turn makes it possible for fans to be accommodated without the need to share space to other con attendees of different nature. Furry convention’s popularity is apparent especially since these are now being held on a yearly basis. Let us look at some behind the scenes at a furry convention.

Furry conventions follow the same setting with other cons you find today. For that matter, you can expect them to have a panel dedicated to popular celebrities and guests who are furry fans as well. A Q&A is often held during this moment giving attendees the opportunity to ask them a number of questions. Refreshments and lounge area is available for guests to relax and unwind during the busy day, although you will find more food selections by going outside the convention area.

You also find a booth dedicated to furry illustrations and other forms of art. There is a good chance that you will meet famous artists that draw furry art in the booth. Other aspiring artists will also be able to show off their creations to guests with their respective booth. Most if not all of the items are for sale so if you find a furry art that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask the artist if it is for sale. Some may even share with you opinions regarding variations of tail plugs.


Another cool thing you can do when attending furry conventions is to ask artists to do some sketches for you. A number of artists offer commissions for their work and having these signed can make their work look more memorable.

At the end of the day usually the last day of the con, there will be party and everyone is welcome to attend. Furry fans with their fursuits are oftentimes present during these parties dancing the night away.

We’ve mentioned some of the many attractions you will find in furry conventions. These conventions are jam packed with guests making it important to book your reservations weeks before their date to avoid the hassle. Most conventions happen in selected areas so you may want to save a fair amount of money for your flights.

The Best Ways to Protect Dinnerware


Dinnerware can last a lifetime but only if these items are well taken cared. Since dinnerware is also considered to be relatively expensive, protecting them can help save people a fair amount of resources as there is no need to have them replaced right away. Let us look at some of the best ways to protect dinnerware in an effort to help prolong their usage.


Keep Out of Children’s Reach

If you have children with you, you may want to store your dinnerware in hard to reach areas. It should be noted that kids are very curious in nature making them want to explore foreign objects such as dinnerware. You don’t want to have them broken and smashed as this can also hurt your child. For that matter, keeping them out of reach will definitely go a long way keeping both your children as well as your dinnerware safe.


Upgrade Your Storage Space


Dinnerware comes in different set of items making it necessary to have provided the appropriate storage space. Having dinnerware on top of each other can result to a few chips and scratches. You can avoid these issues by having them stored separately in an upward position. This is made possible by upgrading your storage space capacity. You can also consider using plate protectors such as place paper towels or paper plates between the dishes if you decide to stack up plates in a cabinet or storage area. Furthermore, be sure to stack them no higher than four as more than that can result to added weight and risk of chipping.


Effective Washing and Cleaning

Cleaning plays a very important role in keeping your dinnerware in good shape and form. For that matter, make sure that you are washing your dinnerware effectively. Also, you might want to ensure that your dinnerware is dishwasher-friendly like To prevent scratches or chips, you can try placing a towel along the bottom of the sink while washing them. A mild detergent along with warm water and sponge can help in keeping them clean. Furthermore, don’t forget to rinse them warm water and dry with a lint-free towel. You don’t want to store dinnerware that are still wet as this increases the likelihood of them having slipped from your hand.

Be sure to have your dinnerware always ready for use by keeping them in good condition. Consider the tips listed above and impress your guest or friends with your quality dinnerware sets.

How to Make Fun Parties with Photo Booth Rentals


Every time we hold parties whether it’s a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a graduation, we always aim to make it enjoyable and fun-filled. It should also be entertaining and more enjoyable for the guests. And it’s because of this that we do a lot of planning before the set date and simply make sure that everything is taken care of. It can be easy to add fun to any party through renting a photo booth in Raleigh, North Carolina (



Such photo booths are great for weddings and they allow guests to enjoy as much. These booths are completely loaded with different features and props that guests can use. These booths can make sure that the guests will have fun and will leave the entire event smiling.


The following are some of the reasons why photo booths are now in demand:

• With photo booths, you won’t experience any kind of restriction or disturbance while you enjoy taking pictures. This means that your guests are totally comfortable to do anything they want.

• You don’t really know what people are really up to until they get into the photo booths. The booths can bring out your guests’ creativity regardless of their age and nature. Be sure that they can make the best out of it.

• It’s the best way for you to see the fun side of the guests you invited for your occasion. You can easily see their crazy expressions that can bring out the laughter in everyone. In the end, you will be able to have funny poses, silly faces, hilarious videos and pictures, and other creative expressions that can last for a lifetime.

• There are a lot of editing options which you can enjoy from a great photo booth to develop the quality of the picture. It’s possible for you to add dates and quotes on the pictures and give them to the guests for them to remember the special day forever.

• Photos that are produced by the booths are all in high resolution and print quality. You can give them as return gifts to your guests and they will be forever thankful to you for the great experience.

• You can play the videos in slow motion too. You can let everyone present their rolls with great laughter. You would love the reactions of the people over such slow motion videos. It’s possible for you to replay the videos on the provided screen for everyone to enjoy.